Fulfillment and Asset Management

Quick and Efficient Processing Throughout the Supply Chain

Our world-class asset management service provides real-time inventory traceability throughout the supply chain including initial order fulfillment, return material authorizations (RMAs), and field-replaceable units. Genesis seamlessly routes your products to and from your customers, providing timely order fulfillment and asset recovery.

Genesis warehouses are completely secure and monitored by video surveillance equipment 24 x7. Brand protection and tamper-evident storage procedures create an added layer of safeguards for your valued assets. Our European distribution center is also AEO certified.

Advanced inventory control technology keeps the information you access up to date.

More Customizable Services

  • Quality control
  • Custom packaging design
  • Configure to order
  • Kitting
  • Distribution

Warehouse and Fulfillment Operations

Genesis provides maximum use of your valued assets and investments with comprehensive end-to-end solutions, from customer support to logistics services that make your products available to ship worldwide.

Genesis asset management expertise and accuracy gives you confidence that your customers will get exactly what they order. In addition, choosing Genesis as your fulfillment partner delivers:

  • Increased efficiency of order turnaround and delivery
  • Improved capital asset utilization and increased inventory turns
  • Aggregated—and therefore lower— transportation costs overall
  • Unsurpassed order processing and response time

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