G3 Business Solutions makes fulfillment a breeze


Ship Product

  • Ship products from supplier to G3
  • Take advantage of discounted rates
  • From a pallet to containers - we handle it all

Shipment Receipt

  • G3 receives products
  • Check qty & add to inventory
  • Perform quality control

Orders Received

  • Orders sent electronically to G3
  • Stock status & ship address check
  • Alerts for low stock & address issues


  • Packed according to established guidelines
  • Custom packaging if required
  • Get discounts from our suppliers


  • Take advantage of discounted rates
  • Ship via all major carriers
  • Define product specific shippers


  • Customer gets tracking email
  • Get daily fulfillment reports incl. tracking info
  • Handling of call tags & returns

Final Steps

  • Customer receives product
  • G3 can batch credit card charges
  • G3 can import orders to bookkeeping SW